Developer System Architecture
Introducing the new web application development platform with a difference.
With the look and feel of the traditional computer desktop, Cloudo combines the backbone of our highly-efficient object-oriented Javascript API with the flexibility and power of XML/XSLT techniques to provide the superior performance of our cross-platform Distributed Desktop Environment (DDE). The Cloudo component framework is truly cross-platform, and runs in any modern web browser*. This architecture distributes processing power and data access to utilize the benefits of the client/server paradigm: Applications are executed on the client where response to user input is most rapid while data resides at the secure hosted server where it can be accessed from anywhere. The zero-footprint implementation means that when the web browser is closed, Cloudo code is gone too.

Because Cloudo is a hosted service there is no hardware or software to setup and maintain, and the DDE is fully accessible from any internet connected device. Other advantages of utilizing hosted software include centralizing data backup, updates, and security at the data center as well as benefits of lower cost which can be associated with the administration of a single global instance of software versus many local instances.

Cloudo enables the execution of numerous web applications by providing a centralized web-based applications operating system which supports:

  • The intuitive windowed desktop and taskbar user interface including skins support to accommodate user defined themes, backgrounds, etc. which users are familiar with.
  • Global user preferences (including appearance, behaviours, formats, etc) effective across multiple applications.
  • Security pertaining to access and interaction between client and server including a single sign-in, and user configurable permissions for file and application access.
  • A common file system which allows applications to access and store data from user configurable folders.
Application development is easy. Rapid development is facilitated through XML techniques which bind more complex API coding of GUI elements to basic mark-up and attribute settings in XML application definition files, making access by the developer to the system GUI very simple. Cloudo supports most standard GUI widgets through these XML mark-up and/or script calls: message boxes, menubars, toolbars, context menus, trees, combo-boxes, resizable panes, etc. Built in support for hotkeys and keyboard navigation are also included. Creating and testing application code is accomplished with the built-in XML Editor (Developer Tool), and the command line interface can be used to access runtime system and application parameters. The API also supports all the server-side data storage and communication elements needed to create robust and interactive applications including SQL database and AJAX communications interfaces.

Cloudo enables the developer to spend more time on the actual application specific code, and enables simplicity regarding GUI integration and communication interfaces while the DDE provides a familiar context for users to run various rich internet applications which feel like working on a traditional local computer...

Cloudo is in the initial alpha development stage and is a work-in-progress.

*Compatible with current versions of MSIE, FF, and Safari running on MS Windows or Macintosh computers.